Keflavík International Airport to Hafnarfjordur

Situated in the Greater Reykjavík Area, Hafnarfjörður happens to be the third most populated city in Iceland. The history of Hafnarfjörður dates back to the 14th century and its name is mentioned in the early literature of Iceland. Home to many renowned rock bands, including HAM, Jet Black Joe, and Ulpa, Hafnarfjörður is also referred to as the  “rock ‘n’ roll capital” of Iceland. The unique appeal of Hafnarfjörður town can be aptly described by its lively harbour, relaxed atmosphere, and artsy surroundings. Surrounded by stunning lava fields, the town is packed with colourful houses that make it truly picture-perfect.

The boisterous town of Hafnarfjörður is packed with umpteen varieties of attractions, which range from cute boutiques and cafes to intriguing museums and galleries. The top landmarks you can choose to pay a visit to include the Hafnarborg Art Museum, the Hellisgerði Botanical Garden, Seltún-Krýsuvík Geothermal Area, and Ástjörn Lake.

While you are in Hafnarfjörður town, you can marvel at the magnificent ships at the harbour, walk around the colourful houses around downtown, go horse riding in Mt. Helgafell area, and take an exploration tour of the Sívertsen House. Hafnarfjörður experiences a subpolar oceanic climate, with winters being windy, cold, and wet and summers being cloudy and cool.