Reykjavík to Mosfellsbaer

Mosfellsbaer lies 12 kilometers east of Reykjavík, the country’s capital, in the southwestern part of Iceland. Packed with a myriad of greenhouses that have been constructed here over the years, Mosfellsbaer is also referred to as “the green town of Iceland”. The entire town of Mosfellsbaer is dominated by towering hills, including Grímannsfell, Helgafell, Úlfarsfell, and Mosfell.

Mosfellsbaer is a mountainous area with a rugged landscape, surrounded by grassy mountains. Packed with verdant valleys and picturesque hills, this town looks naturally appealing. The town is lined by the azure ocean at the Leirvogur Bay, which makes it even more beautiful. A number of charming footpaths and walking trails running across the town also add to its unparalleled beauty.

The town of Mosfellsbaer is packed with a plethora of stunning attractions that propel all kinds of travelers. The top landmarks of this town include the Laxnes Horse Farm, the Kirkjufell Mountain, and the Mosfellsbaer Golf Club.

While you are in Mosfellsbaer, you can engage in a myriad of adventure activities, including swimming, hiking, trout fishing, and skiing. You can also munch on delicious snacks at the quaint little Fjoruhusid Cafe.

Mosfellsbaer enjoys the tundra climate, with cloudy and cool summers and windy and wet winters.