Visit Akranes from Reykjavík

Located around 20 kilometers away from Reykjavík, the country’s capital, Akranes is a charming port town. Akranes is nestled on the foothills of the stunning 572 meters high basalt mountain of Akrafjall, on the western coast of the country. Majorly a factory town and administrative center, Akranes is known popularly for its ancient lighthouse.

The beauty of Akranes is defined perfectly by its beautiful campsites, stunning museums, azure swimming pools, and elegant cafes. This ancient town also boasts a rich culture, which adds to its unparalleled appeal. The town of Akranes is filled with a wide range of attractions, starting from museums to pools. You can always plan a visit to the prime attractions of Akranes, including  the Akranes Folk Museum, the Akranes Lighthouse, the Jaðarsbakkar swimming pool, and Langisandur beach.

On your tour to Akranes, you can plan to enjoy a number of amazing activities. You can enjoy some good coffee at Lesbókin Café or treat yourself to exotic pizzas at Galito. You can take a refreshing dip in the hot water pool of  Guðlaug. You can also go marvel at the Breiðin lighthouse and check out the ancient rowing boats displayed at the Akranes Folk Museum. The town of Akranes experiences a warm and temperate climate with significant rainfall throughout the year.